Colors in Hebrew aren’t very easy to learn for western-languages native speakers, but I will make it as simple as I can here with Hebrew spelling, audio pronunciation guide, worksheets and flashcards.

First off, let me introduce you to colors in Hebrew:

Red in Hebrew: אָדֹם

Red in Hebrew

Pronunciation of Red in Hebrew

Blue in Hebrew: כָּחֹל

Blue in Hebrew

Pronunciation of Blue in Hebrew

Green in Hebrew: יָרֹק

Green in Hebrew

Pronunciation of Green in Hebrew

Yellow in Hebrew: צָהֹב

Yellow in Hebrew

Pronunciation of Yellow in Hebrew

Black in Hebrew: שָׁחֹר

Black in Hebrew

Pronunciation of Black in Hebrew

White in Hebrew: לָבָן

White in Hebrew

Pronunciation of White in Hebrew

Brown in Hebrew: חוּם

Brown in Hebrew

Pronunciation of Brown in Hebrew

The rest of the page is under construction. Meanwhile, you should really  do yourself a favor and give that new free conversational Hebrew course a shot! It might be just for you. Click here to view lesson 1.

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2 thoughts on “Colors in Hebrew

    1. Hey there, Silvia. Learning Hebrew (or any other language) can be a big challeng, I agree completely (I had a terrible experience with Italian, Chinese and Japanese).

      I realized that what some professionals say is very true; start with learning how to hold a basic conversation first and later on start learning the written language.

      I encourage you strongly to try the first unit or two of FSI Hebrew (free course with audio that u can download here:

      Have a great learning experience and happy holidays.


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