Thank you in HebrewIsn’t it a shame that most people don’t know how to say thank you in Hebrew? Though most of them know how to say that in so many different languages!

Anyway, we will just leave all those languages behind and concentrate on how to say thank you in Hebrew, our beloved language.

Thank you in Hebrew is “todah”. Written this way in Hebrew letters:



To listen to the pronunciation of the word, click on the play button right underneath it.

If you also want to know how to say “thank you very much” in Hebrew, here is the phrase:

תּוֹדָה רַבָּה


It is pronounced like “todah rabah”, I have recorded it as usual for you. Click on the play button below the word to hear the Hebrew pronunciation of it.

People also asked me to write about how to say thank you in Hebrew to both males and females, I will write that in details, however, be sure that “todah rabah” can do the job very well without additions.

However, let’s break it down with more details if you want:

Thank you in Hebrew to a male:

תּוֹדָה לךָ


pronounced “todah lecha”. I have recorded it for you, click on the play button to hear the Hebrew pronunciation.

Thank you in Hebrew to a female:

תּוֹדָה לך


pronounced “todah lech”. the Hebrew pronunciation is there if you click on the play button.

Note that

1: When I say the “male” version or “female” version I am NOT referring to the speaker, but rather to the recipient. So whether you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter when you are the one saying “thank you” in Hebrew. What matters is who you are talking to.

2: The difference between the male and female versions is the last vowel. You will learn more about that if you either enroll in my free conversational Hebrew course or follow the website for future Hebrew grammatical notes.

3: You should feel free to say “todah rabah” without “lech” or “lecha”.

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