Pimsleur Hebrew: Part 2: Lesson 10As you might have noticed, the course is getting kind of tricky. However, its still very smooth and fun to listen to!

Today I am doing lesson 10, here are the headlines and the transcripts:

Target Dialogue: (Miriam medaberet im baala michael – Miriam is talking to her Husband, Michael)

Miriam: Hina mechtav mehakolega sheli. hi baa levaker otanu beyom shlishi.
Michael: Yom shlishi? ze machar! beeze sha’a?
Miriam: Beasara lechamesh, ma daatcha shenisa le tel aviv haerev? ani tsricha lechnot kma dvarim beshvil hakolega sheli.
Michael: Ani nosea ha-ira haboker, at rotsa lensoa itti?
Miriam: Ken, Metsoyan.

New Vocabulary and Phrases

Bishvilo = For him (bishvil = for and the “o” at the end is the “him” part)  בִּשְׁבִילו
Machar = Tomorrow = מחר

The Pimsleur Questions: The ones that I found hesitant to answer:

Until what time are the stores open?
ad eze sha’a hachonyot ptochot?
עד איזה שעה החנויות פתוחות?
Of course for my son:
bevadai beshvil haben sheli
בוודאי בשביל הבן שלי
Here is a letter from my son: 
Hine mechtav mehaben sheli
הנה מכתב מהבן שלי
They are arriving:
Hem mage’im
הם מגיעים
They are coming:
Hem ba’im
הם באים
They are staying:
Hem neshaarim
הם נשארים
They live in Washington: Hem garim bewashington
הם גרים בוושינגטון

Words and phrases I often got wrong:

First = kodem = קודם
Unfortunately = ledaavonai = לדאבוני
He comes = hu ba = הוא בא
Later = yoter meochar = יותר מאוחר
Tomorrow morning = machar baboker = מחר בבוקר
See you in unit 11

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