Here I will introduce you to the Hebrew alphabet, they are really beautiful and you will enjoy them very much once you get familiar with them.

To start off, let me warm you up with this Hebrew alphabet song. Listen to it then continue reading, there is much more to come…

Hebrew Alphabet Song by Debbie Friedman

P.S. If you like the song you can download it here for free. But please note that I do not own it, it’s the wonderful Debbie Friedman who should get all the respect and love for it

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A slower version (ahem, with a much more humble voice) would be this recording here I made myself of the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter with the sound that it represents.

The Hebrew Alphabet and Their Sounds

Now that you know how the Hebrew alphabet sounds like, why not take the time to master writing it? You can easily do so with my easy free Hebrew alphabet worksheets. Print them, do them, and send them back to me for a check up! I will be more than happy to receive your “homework” :) Download the free worksheet booklet here.

The Hebrew Alphabet has 22 letters, written from right to left. Letters are usually written right on (notebook) line, some letters break this rule and go below the lines, these are: ף – ך – ץ – ן, whlie the Jod/Yod is written way above the line, just like the Latin apostrophe (י).

Here is the Hebrew alphabet chart:

The numerical value of
the letter
The literal meaning of
the name
How the name is read The name of the letter in
The English
Letter at the end of the
1 Cow Alef אלף י א
2 House beth בית b ב
3 Camel Gimel גמל g ג
4 Door Daleth דלת d ד
5 He הא h ה
6 Wedge Waw וו w ו
7 Weapon Zajin זין z ז
8 Wall Het חית ch ח
9 Tet טית t ט
10 Hand Jod יוד j (y) י
20 Palm Kaph כף k ך כ
30 Cane Lamed למד l ל
40 Water Mem מם m ם מ
50 Whale Nun נון n ן נ
60 Sameh סמך s ס
70 Eye ajin עין ע
80 Mouth Pe פה p ף פ
90 Friend Sade צדי s ץ צ
100 Qoph קוף k ק
200 Head Resh רש r ר
300 Shin שין Sh ש
400 Taw תו T ת
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