hanukkah inflatable decorations

Hanukkah Inflatable Decorations

Here are some notable Hanukkah inflatable decorations for you and your kids during the beloved Festival of Lights.

Inflatable Hanukkah Dreidel

hanukkah inflatable decorations

This Dreidel is a big Hanukkah inflatable deco, it could be put anywhere in the house or the workplace, only your imagination is the limit!

The dimensions of this inflatable drediels are:

Length: 12″

Width: 12″

Height: 24″

Available on Amazon

Another Inflatable Hanukkah Dreidel!

hanukkah inflatable decorations

This is a more colorful inflatable Hanukkah Dreidel for your deco.

27″ of height.

Available on Amazon

Inflatable Hanukkah Duck!

hanukkah inflatable decorations

How ducks became a Hanukkah symbol is completely beyond my comprehension!

However, this rubber ducky doesn’t look too bad for a Hanukkah pet!

Available on Amazon

Inflatable Star of David balloon with a Menorah on it.

hanukkah inflatable decorations

This is an inflatable Star of David with a drawing on a Hanukkah Menorah on it. It also reads “Happy Hanukkah”.

Size: 23″

Available on Amazon

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