Hebrew Months Worksheet Book with Audio


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This product:

** Includes a 27-page printable worksheet ebook. It could be printed either by color or black-and-white printer.

** Includes 13 audio files of how to pronounce all the Hebrew months, they are all in mp3 format, you can play them on any device, including your phone, computer, kindle, tablet, etc.

** The months that this audio book teaches you are the Western Months/Gregorian Months, which are used today in modern Israel.



Learn the how to read, write and pronounce the months of the year in Hebrew.

With this printable worksheet book you will learn exactly how to write all the Hebrew months, just like they are used today in the modern State of Israel.

While with the audio files, you will learn how to pronounce the various months of the year in Hebrew, just like an Israeli.

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