Learn Hebrew with FSI Hebrew

With this amazing free Hebrew course you can learn conversational Hebrew with the help of the US government! The FSI (Foreign Service Institute) has always been the place for US diplomats and even spies to learn foreign languages.

What it takes to learn Hebrew!

Now you don’t need to be a US diplomat nor a spy to take advantage of this Hebrew course and learn Hebrew today. All you need is dedication and positivity.

FSI Hebrew course consists of 40 units, each comes with one or two tapes (downloadable MP3 files). You need to download them or study them on this page, either way, nothing should stop you!

First off, here is the book. Feel free to print it or download it (right-click here and choose save link as)

The Tapes / MP3 Files:

FSI Hebrew Unit 1


FSI Hebrew Unit 2


FSI Hebrew Unit 3


FSI Hebrew Unit 4


FSI Hebrew Unit 5


FSI Hebrew Unit 6

FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-06-Tape-1.mp3 FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-06-Tape-2.mp3

FSI Hebrew Unit 7


FSI Hebrew Unit 8


FSI Hebrew Unit 9


FSI Hebrew Unit 10


FSI Hebrew Unit 11


FSI Hebrew Unit 12


FSI Hebrew Unit 13

FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-13-Tape-1.mp3 FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-13-Tape-2.mp3

FSI Hebrew Unit 14


FSI Hebrew Unit 15


FSI Hebrew Unit 16

FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-16-Tape-1.mp3 FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-16-Tape-2.mp3

FSI Hebrew Unit 17

FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-17-Tape-1.mp3 FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-17-Tape-2.mp3

FSI Hebrew Unit 18

FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-18-Tape-1.mp3 FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-18-Tape-2.mp3

FSI Hebrew Unit 19

FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-19-Tape-1.mp3 FSI-Hebrew-Basic-Course-Unit-19-Tape-2.mp3

FSI Hebrew Unit 20


FSI Hebrew Unit 21


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2 thoughts on “Learn to Speak Hebrew for Free with FSI (US Foreign Service Institute)

  1. I wish to complete the course to learn Hebrew that can be used in my work in Israel. I am also wanting to use this course to count for CEUs for renewal of my certification as a recreation therapist. However, to do so, I will need some documentation from you regarding the number of hours devoted to the course. Please let me know how that could be accomplished. Thank You!

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