Names of God in Hebrew

God in Hebrew

The names of God in Hebrew vary, however, there are a few names that god is best known for… Here are the most popular ones… The Tetragrammaton; The Four-Letter Name: The most popular name of god in Hebrew bible is “YHWH”, however, that name is so special and powerful to the Jewish people, it’s hardly […]

time in israel

Time in Israel

Israel, as you probably know, is in the heart of the Middle East, thus you can’t expect time in Israel to be the same or even similar to your time in the United States or United Kingdom. Current Time in Israel (Time in Israel Now, Right Now!): Here is a clock showing the time in […]

Laila Tov (Good Evening in Hebrew)
Hebrew Greetings

Laila Tov (Good Night in Hebrew)

To say “good night” in Hebrew, we literally say “night good” (as usual, nouns come before adjectives in Hebrew). In Hebrew that would be “laila tov”, here is how you write it: לילה טוב Here is how you write it with niqqud (Hebrew vowels): לַיְלָה טוֹב Let’s break it down… לילה = laila = night […]



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