Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew

Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew

Our happy Hanukkah season is once again around the corner! Exciting as you might be, you just want to pull out a few Hebrew words to celebrate that Festival of Lights. Sorry, Diwali, it’s not you this time. To say Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew you literally say “Hanukkah happy”. Let’s break it down. Happy = […]

Hebrew Greetings

Blessing in Hebrew

The word blessing in Hebrew is “bracha”. Here is how it is written in Hebrew: ברכה Here is how to write it with niqqud (Hebrew vowels): בְּרָכָה Hebrew letters used in writing the word blessing in Hebrew: ב = bet = like “b” in English ר = resh = like rolled “r” in Spanish or […]

jesus in hebrew
Hebrew Words

Jesus in Hebrew

Some people believe that Jesus is the Messiah, well, I cant say I do, but that’s beside the point. I still would like to teach you how to say Jesus in Hebrew: The name Jesus in Hebrew is “Yeshua”. Here is how you write it in Hebrew: ישוע Alternatively, the name is also written like: […]

passover in hebrew
Hebrew Words

Happy Passover in Hebrew

Do you want to know how to greet your Hebrew-speaking friends on passover? learning how to say happy passover in Hebrew isn’t that hard! To say happy passover in Hebrew, you say “chag pesach sameach”. You write it like this in Hebrew: חג פסח שמח Let’s break that down. Happy Passover in Hebrew part by […]

goodbye in hebrew
Hebrew Words

Goodbye in Hebrew with Audio Pronunciation

Time to go? Want to tell your Hebrew-speaking friend, family or lover goodbye in Hebrew? Here is how to do so: Goodbye in Hebrew is “lehitraot” which literally translates to “to see one another” in the sense of “till we see one another again”. This is how you write it: להתראות Audio pronunciation of Goodbye […]

Hebrew Days of the Week
Hebrew Words

Days of the Week in Hebrew

Days of the week in Hebrew… Do you get as annoyed as I get when people go around bragging about knowing the word Shabbat? Whenever you talk to someone and you tell them you speak Hebrew or you are Jewish they have to mention the word “Shabbat” in the conversation! They don’t realize that everybody […]

Hebrew Months of the Year
Hebrew Months

Western Hebrew Months of the Year

Wondering what the Western Hebrew months sound like? It’s very common in Israel to use the Gregorian (Western) Calendar, after all, this is the global calendar that even anti-Christians are using today, so why wouldn’t Israel? PS: If you want to learn how to write and pronounce months of the year in Hebrew, you can […]