City of Bethany Israel

City of Bethany is an ancient Israeli village located in Judia and Samaria (also referred to as “West Bank”)

Bethany’s name is made of two words, Beit Anya, meaning House of Poverty. Here is how you write the words in Hebrew:

בית = Beit = House / Home

עניא = = Anya = Poverty

Together would be written like this:

בית עניא

The town is best known for its mention in the Christian bible as the home of the famous Lazarus, it is also believed to be a place where Jesus stayed for a while.

Places to see in Bethany Israel:

Lazarus Catholic Church

Lazarus Catholic Church | Bethany Israel
Lazarus Catholic Church | Bethany Israel
Lazarus Catholic Church | City of Bethany
Lazarus Catholic Church | City of Bethany

Lazarus Tomb

Lazarus Tomb | Bethany Israel
Lazarus Tomb | Bethany Israel

Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church in Bethany

Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church | City of Bethany, Israel
Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church | City of Bethany, Israel
Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church | City of Bethany, Israel
Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church | City of Bethany, Israel
Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church | City of Bethany, Israel
Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church | City of Bethany, Israel

Israel Foreign Relations

When it comes to Israel foreign relations, people LOVE saying that Israel is internationally isolated. The question remains: isolated from whom? who doesn’t want to have foreign relations with Israel? Here are the answer to some of these questions.

Those countries that want to have nothing to do with Israel, actually have nothing at all! Those are usually the poorest and most corrupt countries on earth… true.

Countries that have no foreign relations with Israel:

israel foreign relations

Above is a map (from Wikipedia) that shows countries that do not recognize Israel in green color. As you notice, they are the smartest, most prosperous and most human-rights-friendly countries! Here are a few examples:

Libya, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea…

Generally, all Arabic-speaking countries do not recognize Israel (except for Egypt and Jordan).
See how much Israel is missing out?! Doh!

U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel

US aid to Israel means so much to the whole Middle East. Israel and Egypt have the lion’s share of the US foreign aid. The reason is because the two countries are the probably the most important countries in the entire region, and they finally (in 1979) signed a peace agreement.Israel foreign relations (peace treaty with Egypt)
Photo (right): Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin making peace with the mediation of Jimmy Carter.

Israel Foreign Relations with Key States…

Israel Relations with Egypt:

Egypt and Israel aren’t the world’s closest allies, still they have a peace treaty that is essential to both countries.

The relationships between the two countries had some glitches every now and then during the various Israeli-Palestinian clashes.

Photo (right): Israeli Egyptian borders.

Israel National Football Team

israel national football teamFootball in Eretz Yisrael is older than modern Israel itself! Here are some information about Israel National Football Team, Israel Football Association (IFA) and Israel football generally.

Israel National Football Team’s official Hebrew name is:

נבחרת ישראל בכדורגל‎

Here is the detailed meaning of the name:

נבחרת = nivcheret = team

ישראל = yisrael = Israel

ב = b = in

כדורגל = kaduregel = football

It literally translates to “team Israel in football” in the sense of “team of Israel in football”

Football in Israel before the establishment of the Israel National Football Team:

Just like I mentioned above, football in the Land of Israel is older than the the modern state of Israel. So did those people play football? Or they had to wait for a homeland to start?

The answer is, they absolutely did not wait, Israelis are always in a hurry, right?

The so-called “Mandatory Palestine” had a football team called “Land of Israel National Football Team” or as some refer to it “Mandatory Palestine National Football Team”. That team was accepted in FIFA in 1929.


Here is how you write “Eretz Yisrael National Football Team” in Hebrew:

נבחרת ארץ ישראל בכדורגל

נבחרת = nivcheret = team

ארץ = eretz = land

ישרטל = yisrael = Israel

ב = b = in

כדורגל = kaduregel = football

All together would mean something like “team of the land of Israel in football”

Israel National Soccer Team Remarkable Players (current and former):

Yossi Benayoun

yossi benayoun

Ben Sahar

israeli footballer ben sahar

Yoav Ziv

Israel National Football Team Player Yoav Ziv

Avihai Yadin

Israel National Football Team Avihai Yadin

Gil Vermouth

Israel National Football Team Player Gil Vermouth

Tomer Hemed

Israel National Football Team Player Tomer Hemed

Omer Damari

Israeli Football Player omer damari


Western Hebrew Months of the Year

Western Months of the Year in Hebrew
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Wondering what the Western Hebrew months sound like? It’s very common in Israel to use the Gregorian (Western) Calendar, after all, this is the global calendar that even anti-Christians are using today, so why wouldn’t Israel?

PS: If you want to learn how to write and pronounce months of the year in Hebrew, you can use these printable worksheets and audio pronunciation guide here.

Here are the Western/Gregorian Hebrew months

January in Hebrew

yanuar – יָנוּאָר

January in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

February in Hebrew

februar – פֶבְּרוּאָר

February in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

March in Hebrew

merts –  מֶרְץ

March in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

April in Hebrew

april – אַפְּרִיל

April in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

May in Hebrew

may – מַאי

May in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

June in Hebrew

yuni – יוּנִי

June in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

July in Hebrew

yuli – יוּלִי

July in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

August in Hebrew

ogust – אוֹגוּסְט

August in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

September in Hebrew

september – סֶפְּטֶמְבֶּר

September in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

October in Hebrew

oktober – אוֹקְטוֹבֶּר

October in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

November in Hebrew

november – נוֹבֶמְבֶּר

November in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

December in Hebrew

detsember – דֶּצֶמְבֶּר

December in Hebrew (Audio Pronunciation - Click to play)

4 People Who Met Obama in Israel

Obama in Israel? The U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama has finally made it to Israel as a president! He had to wait so long to visit! Whole four years…

However, Obama thinks that it’s not late at all! He even thinks he is very early on this. He stated that…

“As I begin my second term as president.. Israel is the first stop on my first foreign trip… This is no accident…”

Still. One has to admit that he already went to Israel as president elect in 2008. However, that was after making his famous apology speech in Cairo.

So, who did Mr. Barack Hussein Obama meet this time around? Here we go…

Netanyahu and Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu and Obama in Israel

Obama Met King Bibi!

Yes, after all those years of cold relationship, Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama got to meet up and smile in front of cameras like a happy couple!

It’s no secret that the two of them had a hard time during the Obama’s first term. It was published in Israeli media that (then) French President Sarkozy said to Obama that (Benjamin Netanyahu) is a “liar” and that he “can’t stand him anymore”, to which Obama responded…

You (Sarkozy) may be sick of him (Netanyahu), but me, I have to deal with him every day.

You can find more pictures of Netanyahu and Obama here.

Barack Obama Meets Shimon PeresShimon Peres and Barack Obama in IsraelObama Met President Shimon Peres

Nobody knows, including me and probably you, why Shimon Peres was very happy to meet President Obama. I have to agree with Jay Shapiro (from Israel National Radio), who said that President Peres has to be very forgetful at his age (89), that he forgot who Obama was, and what he stood for.

Haarets said that President Shimon Peres told President Barack Obama that the current Israeli coalition government won’t allow much space for Netanyahu to resume the negotiations with the Palestinians, since many coalition members oppose a future Palestinian state. (Naftali Bennett to name one)

The White House published remarks by Obama and Peres, where Peres said to Obama:

We are trying together to start negotiations with the Palestinians.  We already agreed that the goal is a two states for the two people solution.  There is no better one, or more achievable one.  We consider that the President of the Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen, is our partner in that effort to stop terror and bring peace.

That’s not a surprise from a Kadima president…

But interesting is what he (Shimon Peres) said about the Arab Spring…

There is an attempt to bring spring to the Arab world.  It is an Arab choice.  It is an Arab initiative.  It may bring peace to the region, freedom to the people, economic growth to the Arab states.  If realized, it can lead to a better tomorrow.  We pray it will become a reality.

While President Obama said later about the ongoing peace process..

The Talmud recounts the story of Honi, the miracle worker, who saw a man planting a carob tree.  And he asked the man, how long before this tree yields fruit?  To which the man responded, “Seventy years.”  And so Honi asked, “Are you sure you’ll be alive in another 70 years to see it?”  And the man replied, “When I came into the world, I found carob trees.  As my forefathers planted for me, so will I plant for my children.”

(You can read the full story at the White House’s official website)

Obama and Miss Israel (Yityish Aynaw)Miss Israel Yityish Aynaw Meets President Obama in IsraelObama Met Miss Israel!

Yityish Aynaw, better known as Queen Titi is the new Miss Israel, she is the first African Miss Israel ever.

Yityish Aynaw (who was born in Ethiopia) sees in Barack Obama an “idol” and someone who she “always looked up to”.

In an interview with Jewish News Channel (JN1) , she said

“I am very nervous to meet him. He is the president of the USA, a huge man and so excited to meet him I don’t think ever I go to meet with Obama. It’s a dream for me and I am happy that this dream come true now.”

You can watch the short interview of Miss Israel Yityish Aynaw here:

Beside Obama, Queen Titi also considers Martin Luther King to be one of her idols, which is understandable.

Naftali Bennet and Barack Obama in Israel

Naftali Bennett and Barack Obama in IsraelObama Met Naftali Bennett

At the presidential palace in Jerusalem, President Peres introduced Barack Obama to Naftali Bennett, the chairman of Israeli right-wing party, Habayit Hayehudi.

Obama said to Bennett…

“I heard about you. You’re the man who came out of nowhere, managed to sweep the people and won.”

However, Bennett told him…

“I just finished reading the biography of President Truman. Since President Truman there hasn’t been a U.S. President who is as responsible for the fate of the Jewish people as the responsibility that rests on your shoulders.”

Still Bennett opposes the famous two-state solution and thinks that it threatens Israel’s security. And replied to Obama’s remarks about settlements as…

“There is no such thing as an occupation in one’s own land,”

Obama still wanted to meet Bennett later and said that he is “interested in hearing different voices from Israel”.

Here are some links you might want to check out. Don’t forget to subscribe here for free before you leave…


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Photos of Netanyahu and Obama in Israel

Finally… Obama in Israel!

US President Barack Hussein Obama visited the Israel Museum in Jerusalem today with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It’s always been known that these two men would never hang out together if they weren’t doing it for the sake of their political positions.

This morning and afternoon, Israel time, the office of the Israeli Prime Minister has been posting photos of the happy couple touring around the museum. Here are a few shots with translation..

Oh before we begin, here is a screenshot of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, they are very happy that the museum will be close to the public for two days, because Mr. Barack (excuse me, Hussein) Obama is visiting it.

Obama at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem
Netanyahu and Obama
ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו ונשיא ארצות הברית ברק אובמה מבקרים בתערוכת טכנולוגיה ישראלית במוזיאון ישראל.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Obama visiting the Israeli Exhibition of Technology in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
Netanyahu and Obama
Netanyahu and Obama
Obama in Israel
ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו ונשיא ארה”ב ברק אובמה צופים בהדגמה של טכנולוגיית BNA של חברת ElMindA אשר ממפה את הפעילות הרשתית המוחית בעזרת מדידת הפעילות החשמלית הנוצרת על ידי פעילות הנוירונים במוח
This is the ElMindA technology that tracks brain activities.
Obama in Israel Museum
Mobileye technology warns drivers of possible accidents and even can stop the car right before it happens.
Obama in Israel with Netanyahu and Shimon Peres
Finally another recognizable face, or profile… Please meet President Shimon Peres, the President of the State of Israel
Netanyahu and Obama in Israel
I am wondering what they are watching….
Obama in Israel with Bibi
Rewalk Technology allows people to walk again through an external motorized pair of legs.
Obama in Israel with Bibi Seeing Rewalk Technology
Another picture at the Rewalk exhibition.
Obama Visits Israel
the Haifa guys who ran in the latest robots competition in the US.
Can you even speak English? Obama must be asking!
Obama Leaving the Museum
A walk the two of them might never have again..

Obama in Israel

Obama in Israel
-“I Hope you ****ing choke!” Everybody must be saying!

Obama in Israel Obama in Israel Obama in Israel Obama in Israel


Telling Time in Hebrew | How to Ask or Tell Time in Hebrew

Telling Time in Hebrew
This wall clock is available on Amazon for $54.97.

Telling time in Hebrew might not be something we all need. But once you learn how to tell time in Hebrew, it will be much fun to use with your Israeli, Jewish or Hebrew-speaking friends.

Let me first start with the most fundamental question…

“what is the time?” in Hebrew!

You can’t usually ask “what is the time” in Hebrew, you would be literally asking is “what’s the hour” instead. This is how you would ask it:

מה השעה? – Ma hasha’a?

Let’s break it down…

What in Hebrew is “ma” : מה

“The” in Hebrew is “ha” : ה

Hour in Hebrew is “sha’a”: שָׁעָה

Together that would be “ma hasha’a?”… Easy, right? Let’s move on…

Telling Time in Hebrew

Answering the what’s-the-time question

When someone asks you “ma hasha’a?” or what’s the hour as we agreed above, you would usually answer saying “the hour is…” which in Hebrew would be

Hasha’a… …השעה

Then you just put the time you want. For example if we want to say “it’s nine o’clock” we would say

השעה תשע – hasha’a tesha

Means “the hour (is) nine”. As you might know or have noticed the word “is” is omitted  in Hebrew. We literally say “the hour nine”. Means It’s nine o’clock.

Here are the words you would need to learn when you ask or tell time in Hebrew…

Hebrew Word for Time

The word “time” itself in Hebrew is Zman written and pronounced like this:


Hebrew Word for Minute

That is “daka”, spelled and pronounced this way:


You’d usually hear it in plural, that would be “dakot”


Now all you need to do is put the right number next to the “hasha’a” phrase, here are the Hebrew numbers if you don’t know them.
And hey, why stop there? You can always subscribe to my website for free and learn all the Hebrew phrases you want to learn, and stay updated with only interesting news from Israel. Click here to sign up for free, it’s fast and easy.

Naftali Bennett Says Habayit Hayehudi “Used to Be a Religious Party”

Naftali Bennett Video Message
“Habayit Hayehudi used to be a religious party, but how I see it now is a bridge between the religious and non-religious”! Naftali Bennett’s first few words on his new video message series.

Naftali Bennett, the Chairman of Habayit Hayehudi (The Jewish Home Party) just launched a new series of video messages to the English-speaking public and the world, showing them who he is and “what’s going on in Israel”.

Interesting to me is how he started it…

With all this Israeli coalition talks going on, Bennett keeps on proving he’s very flexible, to the extent that would be considered as a betrayal to his voters, who voted for his party because it represented itself as a right-wing bloc party!

Naftali Bennett said literally that Habayit Yehudi “used to be a religious party” and now he sees it “as a bridge between religious and non-religious“.

This is not a huge surprise, since Naftali Bennett agreed with Yair Lapid (with whom he has nothing in common except for wanting the Haridim to serve in the Israeli army), they agreed that neither parties would join a coalition without the other!

Here is the first video of Naftali Bennett, agree or disagree with his views, but you have to admit that his Israeli-American accent is really nice:

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First Black Miss Israel + How to Say Beauty Queen in Hebrew

Beauty Queen in Hebrew. Yityish Aynaw
Could Israel strip the title “rainbow nation” from South Africa? Until that happens, Yityish Aynaw won’t rest!

Israel has finally reflected its diversity on the Israeli beauty pageant , a black woman has won the crown!

Yityish Aynaw, known to her friends as Titi, is an Ethipian olah (immigrant) to Israel, who came to the country 10 years ago, when she was 12.

Yityish left her Facebook profile open for public, however, I thought it would be best not to share any photos there, in case she changes her mind later. However, let me give you a few hints about what kind of woman she is:

The new Miss Israel doesn’t seem to be a gung-ho about politics, however, she still “likes” Amir Peretz, the famous Moroccan-born Israeli politician, who is a member of Tzipi Livni’s Hatnuah party.

Beside being a “fan” of Will Smith, Titi defines Martin Luther King to be her personal hero.

Titi hopes to be “the first black TV host in Israel” and to help change the stereotypical image of the Ethiopian women and immigrants generally in Israel.

Here is a short interview of Yityish Aynaw…

Anyway, before we jump into the lingual part, let me tell you some facts about Miss Israel contest generally:

  • First Miss Israel ever was Miriam Yaron, who was born in Germany.
  • First Israeli-born Miss Israel was Michal Har’el, from Jerusalem.
  • First IDF soldier to compete in the Israeli beauty pageant was Chavatzelet Dror.
  • First mizrahi Miss Israel was Ora Vered, who was born in Yemen.
  • First Miss Israel to win Miss world was Rina Mor, in 1976.
  • Youngest Miss Israel ever was Dana Wexler.
  • First Israeli Muslim and Arab to be Miss Israel was Rana Raslan, in 1999.

Now let’s see how to say Beauty Queen in Hebrew.

Before we start, let me tell you that it is very common to say “miss yisrael” instead. Here is how Israelis write it and say it:

מיס ישראל

Miss Israel in Hebrew

To literally say “beauty queen” you’d literally say “queen beauty” think of it as if you were to say “queen of beauty”:

Queen in Hebrew is “malka”, pronounced and written this way:


Queen in Hebrew (audio pronunciation)

Beauty in Hebrew is “yofi”, pronounced and written like this:


Beauty in Hebrew (Audio pronunciation)

Together, they would be “malkat yofi”. But when we Israeli talk to each other about the beauty queen, they have to use “the”, right? After all, how many Miss Israel’s are there in Israel?!

So “the” in hebrew, is “ha”, and interestingly we don’t put it before “queen”, we rather put it before “beauty”. So we literally say “queen (of) the beauty”. Here is how to write and say that

Malkat hayofi

מַלְכַּת היופִי

Beauty Queen in Hebrew (Audio pronunciation)

Update!!! Titi is going to meet President Barack Hussein Obama when he comes to Israel! Here is a short interview about that…