Hebrew Days of the Week

Only one solution. Do not go out on Mondays!

Days of the week in Hebrew…

Do you get as annoyed as I get when people go around bragging about knowing the word Shabbat? Whenever you talk to someone and you tell them you speak Hebrew or you are Jewish they have to mention the word “Shabbat” in the conversation! They don’t realize that everybody does this, so this is still excusable.

So, how about you break out that stereotype and learn the rest of the Hebrew days of the week? They are really easy. We will not start with the most hated day of the week “Monday”. We will rather start with Sunday for a reason. The reason is that in Hebrew, the days are named simply by their numerical order in the week, and a Hebrew week starts with Sunday. “The First Day”

Sunday in Hebrew:

Sunday in Hebrew is Yom Rishon which literally means “first day”. It is written like this in Hebrew:

יום ראשון

Monday in Hebrew:

Monday is the second day in the Hebrew week. Thus it is called Yom Sheni which literally means “second day”. Written like this in Hebrew:

יום שני

Tuesday in Hebrew:

Tuesday in Hebrew is Yom Shlishi which means “third day”. Written in Hebrew this way:

יום שלישי

Wednesday in Hebrew:

Wednesday in Hebrew is Yom Rvi-ee meaning “fourth day”. Written like this in Hebrew:

יום רביעי

Thursday in Hebrew:

Thursday in Hebrew is Yom Chamishi, you guessed it! Yes, it means “fifth day”. This is how it is written in Hebrew:

יום חמישי

Friday in Hebrew:

Friday in Hebrew is Yom Shishi, meaning “sixth day” and this is how we write it in Hebrew:

יום ששי

Saturday in Hebrew:

Happy weekend! This is everybody’s favorite day, and everybody’s favorite Hebrew word, Shabbat. This is how we write Yom Shabbat or Shabbat in Hebrew:

יום שבת – or simply שבת

As you see, Shabbat name has nothing to do with shiv’a or seven, it means something like rest or ceasing from work (more on Wikipedia).

I pronounced these Hebrew days of the week here for you so you can have an idea how they are pronounced:

Hebrew Days of the Week. (Audio Pronunciation)

Now that you know the Hebrew days of the week, how about learning a few Hebrew greetings? or the Hebrew numbers? they are fun to learn!

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