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For 6.99! Have Your Name Written in Hebrew. Human Inside :)

$9.99 – Now 6.99.

Ever sat and wondered, what is my Hebrew name? Wonder no more!

Have me (ahem, a real human), write your name in Hebrew and cut off any doubt with automatic translations and hours of research.

This is a wonderful gift for your loved ones on whatever special occasions they might have!

With this service you will get:

1: A translation of your name and a simple explanation of how the name was translated.

2: A JPEG file of your name (an image) in case your computer fails to read the Hebrew alphabet.

3: Customized Hebrew worksheets of your name, so you can learn how to write your Hebrew name easily without help. (Please choose the upgrade upon checkout).

4: A stylish Facebook cover to show off your Hebrew name on your Facebook profile. (Please choose the upgrade upon checkout)

People from all over the world have already ordered their Hebrew Names. Find here a few breath-taking comments I have had from some of them:

Brenda D. from Oklahoma, USA.

I recently ordered a name in Hebrew. I was provided both a script and image of my name, both of which were accurate and beautiful. There was a slight mix-up in my order (I probably made a mistake.) Adam was very kind to promptly correct my order and send the name I originally desired. In addition, I was having some internet problems, and had difficulty receiving the email product. Adam was diligent in checking to see if I’d received it and repeatedly re-sent the email. I couldn’t be more pleased with either the product received or the service provided. Happy shopping and Shalom!

Tai Sophia from Canada

Thanks so much Adam! This is exactly what I needed. I am making a journal for a friend, and needed her nick-name in Hebrew…so I was searching all over Google, but I was not satisfied with the text-to-hebrew online automatic translators…. But after about an hour of searching, I just happened across your page, and your price was reasonable enough that I thought I would go with it! I really appreciate it, and your promptness! Blessings, ~Tai Sophia